As SELİN TEKSTİL, we aim to continue our activities under the notions of the necessities of time, honesty and trust together with our employees, customers and suppliers. With public awareness, we present our company policy to all of our business partners in our production facility, work in compliance with the laws in particular, our customers’ production procedures and social standards and invite them to be a party of this understanding.

SELİN TEKSTİL company policy contains the criteria mentioned below;

  • SELİN TEKSTİL meets the legal requirements for the health and safety of all of its employees, takes necessary measures in order to prevent the risks of staff’s all health and safety risks and ensures occupational health and safety by supporting their developments with training possibilities.
  • In SELİN TEKSTİL, employees’ working age is the level determined by the law and child workers are not supported and permitted to be employed.
  • SELİN TEKSTİL does not make its employees work under pressure in any subject. All employees are employed under equal conditions with their will in proper positions.
  • Working environment of our employees has enough equipment and every kind of possibilities is provided to ensure them to meet their basic needs in hygienic conditions.
  • In SELİN TEKSTİL, the employees have freedom of thought and faith and nobody is discriminated on the subjects such as language, religion, race, gender, social group, age and union membership.
  • SELİN TEKSTİL’s employees are also free on the subjects of collective bargaining and syndication besides their all kinds of freedom.
  • SELİN TEKSTİL arranges the working hours as stipulated in the law, does not apply overtime work regularly and gives one day leave every week.
  • SELİN TEKSTİL’s wage policy is assessed according to knowledge and skills of our employees and no payment is made under minimum wage.
  • In SELİN TEKSTİL, the employees inform the management of their requests and complaints via employee representatives and the solutions of these subjects are concluded by the management by analyzing them.
  • None of our employees are disciplined with the physical or financial discipline rules; the developments of our employees are ensured through the trainings and instructions.
  • SELİN TEKSTİL fulfills its social responsibility against environmental pollution and nature protection and raise awareness of its employees in this subject.
  • SELİN TEKSTİL brings all criteria in the company policy under control with social management and quality management systems, is managed with a contemporary management system and aims to continue its activities with all of its suppliers and business partners.
  • SELİN TEKSTİL undertakes that it does not accept any gift and payment that will provide financial gain from all of its employees and suppliers under no circumstances and make no such requests.